Mike Arens

Vocal Instructor


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I’m a 32-year-old vocal coach from North Carolina.

I love helping others return to vocal fundamentals and progress rapidly!

I’m fortunate enough to have worked with hundreds of aspiring vocalists over the last 5 years in nearly every vocal discipline. I tailor my approach to each individual client to best help them achieve their goals quickly and safely. My unique background as a voice actor has enabled me to devote thousands of hours to both learning and teaching sustainable approaches in Pop, RnB, Jazz, Rock, Musical Theater, Folk, Metal, and Classical.

Other than the voice, the guitar is my other instrument of choice and I love helping others learn to sing while playing an instrument. I treat all my clients with respect and always aim to provide the most value possible.

Never stop singing! I know you have it in you to achieve your vocal dreams!

"I am thrilled with the time and effort Mike has already put into my voice lessons. He is very knowledgeable and personable. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a voice coach." - Crystal Y.

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